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Board of EducationMission, Beliefs, and Goals

Mission Of District #709 Board of Education
The mission of our Morton District 709 Board of Education is to be a provider of and an advocate for the education of all children.

  - Provide the highest quality of academic programs and services
  - Consider the needs of students while making decisions
  - Listen actively to all stakeholders
  - Open communication creates a good working climate for good decision making
  - Truth and respect are essential both internally and externally
  - Continuous growth comes through self-evaluation, assessment, and research-based action
  - Community support is imperative to our success
  - High expectations produce higher results
  - Good character and citizenship should be modeled by adults and learned by our students


Board Goals 2016-2017

Achievement:   In order to ensure all students have opportunities to achieve their potential, our academic programs will maintain the highest standards and expectations for learning.

In a climate of increased emphasis and time spent on standardized testing, the board recognizes that the ultimate goal of a K-12 education is learning, growth, achievement, and acquisition of the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful and contributing member of our society after graduating from high school.

  • Through articulation meetings and curriculum mapping at all grade levels, the district will continually review and align our curriculum both vertically and across grade levels to ensure consistency of instruction, as well as alignment to Illinois Learning Standards.
  • The district will implement and maintain a continuum of services to meet the needs of all students, which includes RtI/MTSS, Special Education, ELL, Challenge, Honors, Dual Credit, CTE offerings and Advanced Placement Classes, as well as a broad and varied extracurricular program.
  • Meaningful data that helps to inform the board, administration and teachers about student learning and achievement will be identified and defined and utilized to inform decision making and communication.  This will assist with the alignment and coherence of goals and professional development and will also serve as a communication tool with the board and our community about school improvement goals and initiatives.
  • The District Leadership Team will identify and monitor benchmarks to measure  the progress and success of our students in our classrooms, including but not limited to
  • 3rd graders and reading--at or above grade level at end of 3rd grade year on MAP
  • 3rd and 5th grade math growth goals on MAP
  • 7th, 8th, 9th grade ASPIRE data in writing, reading and math
  • SAT data for 11th graders
  • Graduation Rate
  • Enrollment in Dual Credit and AP classes
  • Test taking percentage, scores on AP tests
  • Technology will be utilized within the context of the “SAMR” model to enhance instruction and learning throughout the curriculum, with the personal devices initiative continuing to be closely monitored and evaluated.
  • Metrics will be established to monitor and evaluate the 1:1 personal devices initiative.

Facilities:   Provide facilities conducive to student learning and growth, based on evolving needs, with the support of the community.

  • The district will continue to discuss a long term facilities vision (minimally of 5-10 years) to accommodate projected growth and future needs.   This plan will be accompanied by a financial plan to support the vision as well as financial support for the 5 year maintenance/capital improvement plan.
  • Opportunities to partner with other local organizations for facilities projects will continue to be pursued through collaborative conversations and actionable plans where those opportunities fit the needs of the district.
  • A construction grant application to the Capital Development Board will be started in FY 17.

Finance:   Support student learning (which includes achievement, climate, facilities, communication) in an efficient and cost effective manner.

  • The district will assume conservative financial projections in revenues and expenses in order to maintain fund balances and provide contingencies for the future, as evidenced by the following actions:

---The district will maintain a balanced operating budget on a yearly basis.  (Excepting major capital projects in excess of $500,000)

---The district will maintain and review financial projections with a 3-5 year outlook

---The district will maintain the highest financial rating as determined by ISBE

  • The district will seek out opportunities for financial partnerships with local businesses/corporations and other governmental entities as well as seeking alternative revenue sources.
  • The district will continue forward progress with fiscal responsibility, taking into consideration that implementing new programs must be balanced with the ability to sustain those programs financially.
  • The administration will strive to communicate financial and budgetary information in a clear, concise, regular and informative manner so that our taxpayers are informed and apprised of board level decision making.

Climate:   Maintain a cohesive organizational system which facilitates and fosters a productive and trusting climate with a highly qualified staff.

  • The district will recruit, hire, train and retain high quality staff.
  • The district will continue to foster a climate of teamwork, collaboration and trust with all employees.  This includes varied vehicles for communication and listening between the staff and superintendent.  Climate will be monitored through various tools. (5 Essentials Survey)
  • The district will continue to foster a climate that supports student learning/achievement and high expectations for all students.
  • The district’s wellness program will continue to grow and be promoted and encouraged among our employee group.
  • The board will cultivate an environment of trust and respect with the community and with one another and will communicate in an open and honest manner with each other.
  • A Board of Education Self-evaluation workshop will be conducted at least annually with the assistance of a facilitator from IASB, with a resulting focus on collaboration and working toward unity of direction and purpose.

Communication:   Provide open and meaningful two-way communication with all members of our community.

  • The district will commit to a focused effort to educate the community about board roles and responsibilities as well as issues facing public education.
  • The district will continue to enhance and utilize communication through a variety of tools to promote transparency and understanding, with a focus on facilities and finance, including the “State Of Our Schools” event.
  • The district will focus on specific efforts to reach more community members, with a goal of engendering and increasing trust between the community and the school district.
  • Board and district goals, objectives and action steps will be regularly communicated to our community members, through various communication tools, including more “grass roots” efforts.
  • A community survey/and or interactive engagement activity will be identified and administered/carried out in FY 17. 


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