Morton District 709 Providing an education to last a life time.

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Board of EducationMission, Beliefs, and Goals

Mission Of District #709 Board of Education
The mission of our Morton District 709 Board of Education is to be a provider of and an advocate for the education of all children.

  - Provide the highest quality of academic programs and services
  - Consider the needs of students while making decisions
  - Listen actively to all stakeholders
  - Open communication creates a good working climate for good decision making
  - Truth and respect are essential both internally and externally
  - Continuous growth comes through self-evaluation, assessment, and research-based action
  - Community support is imperative to our success
  - High expectations produce higher results
  - Good character and citizenship should be modeled by adults and learned by our students


Morton District 709 Goals 2017-2018

Achievement: Morton District 709 will nurture and challenge each student to reach their potential through the highest quality teaching and using evidence based instructional practices, curriculum, programs, and services.

Climate: Morton District 709 will maintain a cohesive organizational system which fosters a culture characterized by mutual trust and respect among the board, administration, faculty, staff, students, and community resulting in an organization focused on continuous improvement.

Communication: Morton District 709 will strive to engage all members of the district and community in open, meaningful two-way communication providing timely information and opportunities for dialogue regarding key educational issues.

Facilities: Morton District 709 will develop and maintain facilities providing the current and future students with safe, well maintained, and functional space to support research based best practices in teaching and learning.

Finance:   Morton District 709 will maintain a financial position which supports all district operations in an efficient, cost effective manner, as well as providing long term stability for the district.




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